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Mar 14, 2023

DepthAI SDK Human Pose Estimation

Human Pose Estimation with Just 7 Lines of Code

We are excited to announce a new code example showcasing the incredible capabilities of DepthAI SDK library. With just 7 lines of source code, you can now accurately estimate and track human poses in real-time!

Our latest code example uses machine learning techniques to identify and track key points on the human body, enabling you to build applications and systems that can detect, analyze, and respond to human movement.

Check out our demo video on YouTube, which showcases the power of this technology in action. You'll see how easy it is to get started with Human Pose estimation, and how quickly you can integrate this technology into your own projects.

First update your depthai-sdk to the latest version:

pip install depthai-sdk -U

Here's the code you need to get started:

from depthai_sdk import OakCamera with OakCamera() as oak: color = oak.create_camera('color') human_pose_nn = oak.create_nn('human-pose-estimation-0001', color) oak.visualize(human_pose_nn) oak.start(blocking=True)

And that is It!

To learn more about DepthAI SDK and It's implementations you can visit our documentation page.

And if you have any questions or need support we’re always there for you on Discord.

Erik Kokalj
Erik KokaljDirector of Applications Engineering