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Aug 19, 2022

OAK-D-Lite Wins Product of the Year

From the Edge AI and Vision Alliance
At Luxonis we’re very much a “what’s next?” kind of company. Did we help a customer win? Fantastic, that’s our favorite thing. What’s next? Did we release a new model on DepthAI? Excellent, now our industry-leading software API is even more powerful, and making access to robotic vision even easier. What’s next? Is a new product available for pre-order in our early access store? Nothing better, now we can get cutting edge products into the hands of our customers even faster. What’s next? There’s rarely time to reflect back on our wins because there are always more wins to be had. But when we’re recognized by others within the AI and robotics industries it’s impossible not to at least take a brief moment to appreciate how far we’ve come–after all, we’re the #1 robotic vision company in the United States, and continue blasting off all around the globe as well. Have you taken a look at our distribution network recently?

Leading on the Edge

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance is a worldwide collaboration in the AI and vision industries, whose members either produce AI and vision technologies themselves, or integrate them into their products. Their mission is similar to ours at Luxonis: to inspire and empower creators within the space to develop new technologies, thereby making them accessible to a broader audience. For over 10 years, the Edge AI and Vision Alliance has been a key player in helping to bring AI out of the server room and push it to the edge–where it belongs. In other words, putting AI into people’s hands and enabling it to have a more meaningful and impactful effect on their lives. So, when Luxonis was recognized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance earlier in 2022 as the winner of their Product of the Year Award in the Cameras and Sensors category, we of course took note. Our OAK-D-Lite was what took home the championship belt, thanks to its ability to fuse AI and Computer Vision (CV) on-device, while also offering best-in-show disparity depth perception that provides object and feature detection, tracking, and identification. Like every device from Luxonis, the OAK-D-Lite combines embedded processing, high performance, spatial intelligence, AI, and CV–all at the same time.

AI for All

That’s just the hardware and firmware too, don’t forget about the software. The DepthAI API from Luxonis is a huge reason why our cameras are winning awards. (Yes, awards. Did we forget to mention we’re not new to the Product of the Year Award? In fact, we’ve gone back-to-back. In 2021, the original OAK-D camera won too.) DepthAI is our essential ecosystem that is helping make it easy for our robotic vision solutions to empower robots to perceive the world like people do. If our hardware is the skeleton, DepthAI is the nervous system. With DepthAI, many of the complexities common with AI and CV are either sufficiently abstracted or entirely eliminated to allow for a seamless user experience. Experts in robotics can dissect at whatever layer necessary, but more entry-level users can get up and running fast too. It’s in no small part thanks to DepthAI that the Edge AI and Vision Alliance recognized the OAK-D-Lite’s (and OAK-D’s) excellence in AI, CV, and disparity depth perception.
And we continue to develop and innovate both our hardware and our software to serve our customers even better. If you have a problem that needs solving, we want to solve it for you. Want to learn more about DepthAI? Discover all it can do in our documentation. Or just have a question? Ask us on Discord!

Stuart Moore
Stuart MooreCommunications Director