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Jun 6, 2022

Come Work with Us!

Featured position: ROS Developer
Luxonis is actively looking to hire talented individuals for a variety of full-time positions. We are a growing team in a cutting-edge space, and are driven to bring accessible and easy to implement robotic vision to the world. Luxonis hires the best from all around the globe and offers the freedom to work fully remotely. Automated machine learning is already making an impact across numerous industries, and is increasingly a key player in helping businesses thrive in today’s world. Whether by improving efficiency, replacing absent labor, or  introducing brand new functionality, robotic vision coupled with on-chip machine learning is here to stay. Come help us make it happen! To see all open positions, please click HERE. Today’s featured position is the role of Robotic Operating Systems (ROS) Developer: We are looking for someone who is passionate about computer vision to help us integrate DepthAI into the ROS world of libraries and projects. This role will architecture and develop means of ROS integration and create projects to expose common DepthAI functionality to other ROS developers who use our devices. To learn more about the ROS Developer role, please click HERE.

Stuart Moore
Stuart MooreCommunications Director