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See the most interesting projects using OAK cameras from our community


NeoCam is a revolutionary new technology, with OAK cameras at its core, that minimizes the need for invasive monitoring equipment for prematurely born babies.

Autonomous tractor navigation

Spring planting with autonomous tractors is being completed with Luxonis OAK devices. Check out the video to learn how OAK devices are being used on Lovol's tractors for navigation, obstacle identification and obstacle avoidance.


See how Resolve uses their TrailGuard AI camera system to protect wildlife by helping to combat illegal poaching.

Bluebox Co-pilot

Shoutout to Bluebox for developing an incredible product using DepthAI to create an all-in-one smart driving assistant! Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Co-pilot here.

DepthAI usage in AI competitions

Cortic Technology is using DepthAI for a number of applications, including translation of American sign language and senior citizen fall alerts.

Smart safety app for bikers

Luxonis has teamed up with Noroc in order to develop a smart bike light that keeps both drivers and bikers safe while on the road.

Budacare: Enhanced agriculture

Budacare is developing new approaches in precision agriculture, allowing for advances in crop yields and food quality, while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

Ampera Racing

Ampera Racing is pioneering efforts to build the first autonomous racing vehicles in Latin America, and is using Luxonis cameras to ensure vehicles stay on course and avoid collisions.


CobraVision is using OAK cameras and RobotHub to monitor and improve safety at construction sites. Take a look at the video to see how CobraVision is able to check when workers are wearing personal protective equipment and track if vehicles are being operated safely near obstacles.

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