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Luxonis Hub

Luxonis’ powerful cloud control and deployment platform, helping you to develop, deploy, and monitor your perception applications.
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Explore the power of Hub

Remote monitoring
Whether you have 1 or 1,000 OAK cameras, you can remotely check their status.
Remote monitoring
Easy app deployment
Hub allows you to take your application and deploy it to all your devices in a few clicks. Once deployed, you can monitor it and receive events in real-time.
Easy app deployment

Plan that fits your scale

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.
Starter plan

$0/ month

up to 10 devices (additional for $5 a month)2 GB storage for events & apps10,000 API callsForum Support
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Plus plan

$49.99/ month

50 devices (additional for $1 a month)50 GB storage for events & apps100,000 API callsForum Support
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Professional plan

$99.99/ month

200 devices (additional for $0.5 a month)200 GB storage for events & apps500,000 API callsPriority Support
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Premier plan

$199.99/ month

1000 devices (additional for $0.2 a month)1 TB storage for events & apps1,000,000 API callsPriority Support
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Enterprise planContact usUnlimited devicesUnlimited storage for events & appsUnlimited API calls
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing
No. Hub offers versatile utilization options, allowing users to either use its comprehensive management interface, access through its API, or simply use the cameras independently, without the need for connecting them to the Hub.

Computer running Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 or Raspberry Pi OS) with x86-64 or ARM64 architecture.

All OAK PoE and USB cameras are supported.
Luxonis Team MemberLuxonis Team MemberLuxonis Team Member
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