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What began as a potential solution to keeping bicyclists safe on the road has evolved into a technology with endless possibilities. Join our team today to help increase efficiency, automate the world, keep people safe, and so much more
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Software Engineer / Firmware Engineer (C/C++)
ROS Developer
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About Luxonis

Our mission is to improve the engineering efficiency of embedding performant, spatial AI + CV into products. We do this by building and maintaining the open-source DepthAI ecosystem (more here) which is also now the OpenCV AI Kit (here).

In other words, we build the core technology that allows human-like perception in real products - allowing 0-to-1 applications in nearly every industry. The technology allows solving problems that need human-like perception, but say in a 1" cube. A good external writeup about Luxonis is on Bloomberg

We are enabling what was science-fiction as of 2017:
  • Wearable devices that perceive the world and allow the blind to perceive through soundscapes
  • Embedded systems that can automatically protect endangered species
  • Robots that enable organic farming with zero chemicals (by using lasers to target weeds and pests)
  • Perception built into heavy machinery to real-time protect the health and safety of workers.
  • Perception built into remote areas to autonomously monitor and protect the environment from leaks and other hazardous conditions.
  • New forms of communication devices - bridging the gap between the in-person experience and the Zoom experience.

The above are just quick examples. There are countless solutions to fascinating problems being built off of our platform, with 15,000 devices shipped to date, in the hands of thousands of companies, some of which are working to integrate our technology into their own products.

We are a small startup with aims to have an outsized impact on the world. Still in the earliest stages, the solutions built with our technology have been covered in every top news, tech, and science publication in the world (Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Engadget, etc.). We hold the records (independently) for the largest KickStarter raise for a computer vision project, for an AI project, and for a printed circuit board project.

Our mission is to materially improve the engineering efficiency of the world. This is what our team (and backers) previously did in another market (in business WiFi, with UniFi). And we now aim to do the same for this super-power of human-like perception in embedded systems - making it so prototyping with this power takes hours, and implementing it into a product is as fast as an enclosure can be designed and produced

All positions report directly to the CEO, Brandon Gilles.